Giving to You Makes Me Happy!


The day a person is born is a day for celebration. The woman who labored to bring this life forth. The man who provided the seed, the family that welcomes and loves the new addition – celebration! And the infant knows nothing of it.

Later that “birth day” – becomes their celebration. They turn another year older, have traversed the world for an additional 365 days, hopefully provided value or love to others.

And they get gifts.

 Gifts and cake are two very fun things about birthdays I think.

 Now, however, as I’m adding numbers up, gifts mean something different. Cake, though – that is a constant delight!

 For me now, the gifts I most relish are not things, they are people, experiences, pleasures.

 YOU are a gift – being in my circle, reading my words, commenting, sharing, encouraging. Thank you for that!

 Now I want to give you a gift. It’s a task actually, that as you do it will make the world a better place and also help you have the best day of your life.

 Ready? Here is the gift:

For the rest of this day, no matter who you meet or talk to, tell that person: “YOU are Important!”

When you do this you will be sprinkling magic out that will have remarkable effects.

You are important to this business

You are important to this company

You are doing important work

You are important to the world

You are important to others

You are important to this organization

You are important to the community

You are important to this family

You are important to me

Because it’s true.

People, however, need to hear it and you are just the person to share it.

Please use this gift to have the best day ever and let me know how it goes for you. That will be the best birthday gift I could receive.

Thank you, I’m off to eat cake!

Oh – Happy St. Paddys Day too!

Blessings, Shawna




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