Super Excited About Super Zoo?

I’ve been thinking about Super Zoo – The huge expo that the World Pet Association hosts every summer in Vegas. Summer in Vegas? I know, but air conditioning is a pleasure, isn’t it?

Women in the Pet Industry Network hosts (along with amazing sponsors) a reception that has been hugely popular with our members and everyone else who attends!

And what is hugely popular and how can you use a networking event to your advantage?

First, Hugely Popular (to myself and WIPIN) is having the right people in the same room so they can connect for mutual benefit. The fact we have several hundred people attend may make it appear to be a huge success, however the real success is when people actually connect rather than simply attend.

Next – The reception WIPIN holds (and all receptions) are only successful for YOU when you attend them with the right intent.

If you are thinking to yourself right now, “I go to meet people of course” You may benefit the most from this post.

Meeting people is really a surface goal – though a good start. If you only intend to meet people you may put yourself out more than usual by engaging in more conversations.

What I mean by intent is that you are more focused on going deep versus going wide.

Going wide – meet as many people as I can, give them my card, get theirs and see what opportunities present themselves to help me.

Going deep – Determine what kind of person would be most interesting or beneficial to know and develop a relationship with.

Then: Decide to open myself up to observe, maybe do a little discovery on who is attending Super Zoo that I would love to help (What? Think about doing something for someone first? – Fantastic strategy)

Next: Open myself up to be present and ask questions of others way more than talk about myself.

Right there in those three steps you have the going deep process. Of course there are more variables, there are thinking and position strategies, however the shift right at the start from meeting many to connecting with the right people is HUGE.

In this post, we will also introduce you to some of the sponsors – and they are over the top amazing and connected – so another strategy is getting to know them well, after all, they are stepping up in a huge way to serve you!

Hoping to connect with you at this year’s Super Zoo!

Shawna Schuh, CSP
“Make It Magnificent!”

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