What is your speed? 
Hopefully, you do not suffer from this.
I was standing over the sink, devouring a grapefruit while listening to an audiobook on high speed (Yes, you can do that) on of all topics: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics when it occurred to me that this was a ridiculous way to behave.
I will give myself kudos for actually realizing the irony of the situation of listening to something to help me with centeredness, mindfulness, and calmness on high speed while standing over the sink to eat. Sigh.
Do you find yourself in a crazy busy mode?  Want some tips on helping yourself?
First – there is much written about this online (no surprise) and it seems it’s now a part of our collective consciousness. Being busy is somehow the way we esteem ourselves and our self-worth. I was actually taken aback by that, do I do that? Define myself around my “Busyness”?
Maybe, and maybe you do too, so how do we shift this for ourselves and our businesses? I mean, does being crazy busy EVER make others feel safe and happy in our presence?
Here are some tips to help you so that your customers feel valued.

  1. Never mention your busyness, your overwhelm or your schedule.  – First, the only one who cares about these things is you, second, it makes you look less than professional or organized and most importantly, there is no value to the share. What to do instead? Ask them about them. That’s what they are most interested in anyway.
  2. Slow down. The most challenging tip for me. I move fast, think fast, drive fast and now realize, eat fast. To what end? When a person slows down enough to savor, there is more enjoyment to life, travel, and relationships. This is now a daily goal: Slower so to Savor. I like the way that sounds, how about you?
  3. Meditate. I know, who has time, right? Wrong. In listening to that book on meditation and others (I want this practice!) I am realizing how vital it is to be more aware, more centered and more in touch with who I am becoming. Many times crazy busy is a guise we use to keep others away. Not great for business or life.

Okay, do I still tend to frantically race around at certain times in the day? Less now, because I am becoming more aware and in that awareness, I can shift. My goal in writing this post and in all my writing is to help you become more aware also.
Awareness is the first step in improvement. Please use these tips and let me know how it’s going for you – Maybe we should form the Calm Club for all of those of us that suffer (and that is the right word for it) from the Crazy Busy.
Blessings, Shawna

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