What if you checked your expectations?

Christmas parties, for work and with friends, lunch and coffee dates to exchange gifts or stories, it’s that time of year. Then the family gatherings, there is a lot going on, so let’s think about what we’re thinking about. During and at these holiday events, what are you wishing for? That work will put in […]

They Did it For Me!

Most of you who read me regularly know I live in the country. Lots of space between properties and it’s dark when you drive at night. Very dark. No street lights, no light from, well, anything unless there’s a moon glow. And as you drive through the darkness this time of year you’ll come around […]

Thankful for YOU, my tribe!

The last day of Thanksgiving month and it wouldn’t be a success without me saying thank you to YOU as my reader, my follower, my pack, tribe, or whatever you’d like to call it. This month there have been five Tuesdays, or Q (Question) Days as I call them. And in each one, I’ve been […]

Thankful for Traditions

Q day (Question day) comes out on Tuesday so you are no doubt still working, maybe not, some people take the week off or most of it to get everything ready for the celebration. And we are celebrating, right? Some background… Thanksgiving Day, an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the […]

Grateful for Opportunity

Do you feel abundant? Here’s the definition of abundant: existing or available in large quantities; plentiful. When you feel abundant there is a vibe you give off that is pretty wonderful, if it’s combined with humility. For this gratitude or thankful month, it’s natural, normal even to think about those clients and customers that provide the […]

Grateful for Onself

Living alone on the top of what I affectionately call, “Mud Hill” with 2 dogs, 1 old cat and my horse waiting for me down at the arena is my choice, my desire, my blessing.   November just became reality, the month of giving thanks and it feels right that the first thing to be […]

Are you only doing if for you?

Seventy-two percent of pet owners say they’ll dress up their pet this Halloween, according to a survey of 250 cat and dog owners conducted by Bought By Many. Besides the fact the pic included is hysterical – really, the dog and cat took a selfie? It speaks to what is happening in the world right […]

Friday Flowers

My local grocery store, like most grocery stores, has a flower area.    Whatever holiday is up next is represented with bouquets, arrangements that include gifts, balloons, etc.    It’s a happy and fragrant area to walk by, sniff around in and marvel at the displays. What my grocery store does is spill this area […]

Are you ready for some “rain”?

The pacific northwest (Oregon’s Willamette Valley in particular) is known for its rain. Up to 75 inches a year according to my quick internet search. Here’s the thing – those inches come mostly in the months of October through March. You may be thinking, that’s a LOT of rain in a six-month period and indeed […]

Up, Up & Away!

We moved so smoothly I didn’t realize we were leaving the earth until we were a few feet in the air.  Some strong bursts of hot air helped us rise faster though with no shaking or movement.  It felt surreal, tranquil, and beautiful even as the earth receded under the basket and I realized we […]