Weekly – Do you have the right intention for a live event?

As you read this I’m in Orlando, Florida for the Global Pet Expo – put on by the American Pet Products Association and it’s a big deal for sure, especially for those manufacturers and suppliers to the professionals that provide products for pet lovers. I have a very clear intent. This is imperative for anyone […]

Weekly – Everyone Says They Are…

Of Course I Listen! “You never listen!” is a phrase you may have had someone say to you, or more likely, you’ve said to someone. We want people to listen to us. We want to be heard, seen, understood. And yet, and yet – it doesn’t happen all that often. And maybe, usually, it’s because […]

Weekly – Are you looking or seeing?

What is the point of having a good view? I live on a hill. It looks out over a small valley that holds many trees, brush, blackberry bushes that creep and a winding gravel road that leads to the barn and onto the main road that takes me into town. I also have large picture […]

Weekly – One of the Most Demanding Traits of a Leader

Are You Consistent As a Leader? One of my team and I had a little misunderstanding. When we stopped to talk about it she said to me, “You are inconsistent sometimes.” She is right. I am inconsistent sometimes. I could probably say that I am consistently inconsistent but I think that would probably be some […]

Weekly – Do You Have The Right Habits Of Mind?

Where is your mind leading you? In my quest to make sure my clients have the most cutting edge information around anything that can improve their leadership performance, we talk a lot about habits, routines, thinking, self-examination, and more and more – This week we embark on the nifty work of Arthur L. Costa and […]

Weekly – Are You Ready to Revitalize Your Routine?

Six Weeks into the Year – Are You Missing the Magic? The rabbit hole I sometimes find myself in usually starts with research. It might be the quote I’m going to use, who said this and what did they do or contribute? It can also be a headline or storyline that sucks me into reading […]

Weekly – What Color Are Your Thoughts?

Ready to do some colouring? It’s February and there’s a lot of white around the nation. Skies are grey, the trees are bare and sometimes this affects our mood – my mood less since I paint my days in colour. My mom used to say that it wasn’t smart to walk around with rose-coloured glasses […]

Weekly – Mastery of The Top Thing is Tops!

Are You a Master of Self Mastery? This whole month our focus has been on internal work – from self-awareness belief commitment and now self-mastery – my themes revolve around that internal compass. Note: Research from British biologist Robin Baker has actually confirmed humans have some internal sense of direction – so how does that […]

Weekly – Fear for the New Year?

What Holds You Back? We’re in the third week of 2019 already – how are you doing with your goals? Any trepidation? Any huge successes so far? Today my gift for you is this quote: The loose definition of fear is:  an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely […]

Weekly – Do You Have Unbelievable Beliefs?

How Might Your Beliefs Benefit You More? This quote startled me: “A belief is only a thought I keep thinking.”  ~Abraham Hicks Really? It’s what I’m THINKING rather than what is true or what is written in a book, or what my parents insisted? Right now you may be thinking, “That’s not right, there are things that […]