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Pet Women Weekly – How to Hire the Right Person

Dear Pet Lover, Hire Someone On Fire! “I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way.” Lee Iacocca, Ford What I love about this Lee Iacocca’s quote is how easy it is to find people smarter than me! SO easy!  And that’s the business tip

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Pet Women Weekly – Be an Island if You Like

Dear Pet Lover, Islanders Sometimes Get Burned – Whenever I think of the islands – I think tropical – hot, sunny – places I get burned easily. Being a redhead that even happens on overcast days! However – as the rest of the posts this month promote – doing it

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Pet Women Weekly – A Sweet Idea for Enhanced Productivity

Dear Pet Lover, Let’s Go Virtual! I (heart) getting virtual help! If you have a growing business (and would like to grow it better, faster and more effectively) than looking into virtual help could be something you fall completely in love with like I have. If, on the other hand,

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Monday Mindset: Start your week off well!

Dear Pet Lover  Are you living your passion? What is your intention for the week? Ask yourself… What is your unrelenting passion? How can you experience it this week? A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “As water, when transmuted into steam, becomes a new, more definite and wide-reaching power, so passion, when transmuted

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Pet Women Weekly – Are you a Collaborator?

Dear Pet Lover, Collaboration Could Be Your Best Goal this Year!  This quote may get you thinking:       I love this on multiple levels –      The greatest is that Tapscott suggests that it’s a better way to learn.      He goes on to say that

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Monday Mindset: Start your week off well!

 Dear Pet Lover, How is your journey going? What is your intention for the week? Ask yourself.. 1.  Do you know where you are on your journey? 2.  Is that a good spot and are you enjoying it?     A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “The road of life twists and turns and

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Pet Women Weekly – What is hurting your results?

  Dear Pet Lover, Poor Habits Are Doing You Damage!  We’re talking about habits all month – how is it going with creating better ones? Are you reading more and in a theme? Have you determined some habits that will support your goals? What about those habits you have that

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Pet Women Weekly – Do you have the reading habit?

Dear Pet Lover, Read all about it! When Warren Buffett was once asked about the keys to success, he pointed to a nearby stack of books and said, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do

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Conference Survival (and Thrive) Tips

Attending a conference should be about “surviving” the experience and thriving while doing so. If you’ve attended many conferences you know that the early breakfast and networking events are followed by days packed with learning sessions and in some cases, more networking takes place after the conference ends in the

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Promote Your Pet Business

In a perfect world, customers would be beating a path to your door. In the real world, though, those of is in business have to clear the path and invite clients and customers to our door. I work with many clients who will say, “I hate ‘shameless self promotion’.” To

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Simple Marketing Tips For Pet Business Professionals

How good are you at patting yourself on the back and telling the world how wonderful both you and your business are? It’s not always easy to “shamelessly self promote” but as business owners, it is important to learn to do just that. If you don’t toot your own horn,

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